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How to find codes?

I Clicked 'Get Code' or 'Get Discount' and I do not see a CODE to copy?

All of our coupons do not generate a code. When you click the button you will be directed to the Company website we automatically apply the code to your cart if you are logged in. If you do not see the discount in your cart try clicking the discount link from Water Profits again while you are logged into the website where you want the discount. If this does not work please Contact US using the email above or using the form above. 

How to use codes and coupons?

  • Click on the coupon you wish to use.
  • Codes are automatically applied to logged in accounts.
  • So just go to, or refresh your shopping cart.
  • Some codes have codes in their description you can apply these after the linked is click.


How to find codes

  • Press Ctrl & F.
  • Type in a word for what you are looking for in the right search box.
To find the company

Use the search bar at the top of the site to find any of our partner companies.